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Website : jalapahar.cantt.gov.in

Jalapahar is a category IV Cantonment, established in 1848. The Board consists of  2 elected members. Total population as per 2011 census is 1711.



Brig. Shailesh Kopkar


Shri Pranjal Prateek

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About Schools:

 Cantonment Board School (Primary) - 1 

Jalapahar Cantt. Manages 1 English elementary school upto  class IV. Every year uniforms, books, etc. are distributed among the students free of charge, from time to time students are taken for excursion / educational tour. Computer education has been started from class I to class IV. Smart Class has also been implemented  in Cantonment Primary School Jalpahar for the year 2019.



Principal / Head Master

Shri. Bijoy Sharma

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Mob. 7679548929

About Hospital / Dispensary

Name of Hospital: Cantt Board Dispensary Jalapahar

Cantonment Board Jalapahar maintains a dispensary. In medicine, minor treatment is done and major treatment is referred to Darjeeling District Hospital. Cantt. Board employees and their dependents are provided with medical facilities and free medicines through Cantt. Board Dispensary. A health check camp is organized from time to time for school children, employees, senior citizens and polio vaccination.

Dispensary Timing:

O.P.D.– 10 :00 A.M to 4 :00 P.M (MON to SAT )

  • EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON – Sri. Rajiv Sundas (Pharmacist- +91 9832043747)

The regular post of RMO was vacant since Nov,2009. Medical services were revived by engaging a private doctor on contract basis w.e.f.1-6-2011. Senior citizen health diaries have been got printed and their bi-annual health check up is being done annually

Hospital / Dispensary

Medical Suptd. / RMO

Dr. Subhratanu Daripa

Contact Details

Mob. 98320297465