Akshay Vat, Allahabad Cantonment

Allahabad Fort built by Akbar stands on the banks of the river Yamuna near the site of confluence (SANGAM) in italies with river Ganges. It is the location of the much revered Akshay Vat which means immortal tree. Legends say that if anyone jumped from this centuries old banyan tree he would attain immortality.
Akshay Vat is located within this Fort, which is believed to be one of the most revered trees among the Hindus. This indestructible banyan tree is considered a sacred fig tree.  According to a legend, it is believed that once the sage Markandeya asked Lord Narayana to prove his divine power.   In order to prove his power, he flooded the world for a moment, during which only this tree was standing erect above the water level.