Archival Unit & Resource Centre(AU&RC)

The management of defence lands necessarily warrants proper management and maintenance of the land records which inter-alia include records relating to the Government titles on land, record of acquisition proceedings, maintenance of GLRs & MLRs, revenue survey plans, old-grant deeds, lease documents and other crucial land records which have the ‘Primary and Secondary’ value of evidence of the Government’s title on lands. Therefore, it has become necessary to protect and maintain these rare and invaluable land records also having an archival value.

As part of a multi-pronged approach and as a Disaster Management Strategy, a central facility has been created for preservation and back up and provide accessibility to all user organizations. Hence, an Archival Unit & Resource Center has been constructed, as per approval vide MoD letter No. 56/15/DGDE/Coord/314/SO(L)/D(L)/2011 dated 22.2.2011 at a cost of Rs 1.50 crore through the agency of Delhi Cantonment Board. The new center has been made operational and inaugurated on 15.06.2012.