AURC Role and Functions

The Archival Unit & Resource Center shall perform the following functions:

  • Take sufficient steps for disaster management and back-up of all defence land- title related records.
  • Keep indexed digital images and microfilm backup of all Defence Land Records.
  • Establish and maintain disaster management practices in its premises and all Defence Estates Offices.
  • Supervise, manage and control the maintenance and upkeep of Defence land records in all offices under the Director General Defence Estates.
  • Accept for deposit of public records pertaining to defence land of permanent nature.
  • Establish a conservation laboratory for restoration & preservation of defence land records.
  • Preparation of inventories, indices, catalogues and other reference media of land records
  • Promote and optimize utilization of available space and maintenance of equipment for preserving land records
  • Tender advice to record creating agencies whenever sought.
  • Organize training programmes, seminars and interactive sessions for preservation, modernization and protection of defence land records for Services and others.
  • Regulate access to defence land records.
  • Receive reports on records management from the Defence Estates officers.
  • To undertake/facilitate research work. xiv. To tie-up with other archival centers for tracking old land records.