Corrigendum to Office of the Defence Estates Officer, Madras Circle Tender Notice No.N/793-A/MC, dated 09.05.2014


Reference this Office Tender Notice No.N/793-A/MC, dated 09.05.2014.
The terms and conditions remaining the same, due to Administrative reasons, following amendment is made in time schedule:-
For:                Pre-bid conference                  04.06.2014 1100 hours
Read:              Pre-bid conference                  05.06.2014 1100 hours
Other Time and Date Schedule of the Tender Notice remains same.
Tender Notice No.N/793-A/MC                                                                     Sd/-
Office of the Defence Estates Officer,                                                       (Prasad Chavan)
Madras Circle, Chennai-ooo 018.                                                       Defence Estates Officer
Dated: 29 May 2014.                                                                          Madras Circle, Chennai