1. To develop Cantonment townships as models of urban management and local self-governance.
  2. To provide in each Cantonment:
    1. quality school education, free of cost, to every child and ensure that no child upto 18 years of age remains out of school;
    2. affordable and quality health care for every resident;
    3. an inclusive social care system for the aged, the differently-abled and the disadvantaged sections of society; and
    4. an environment-friendly habitat.
  3. To leverage technology for record management to ensure safety (including against disasters) and regular updating of defence land records.
  4. To establish and maintain state-of-the-art archives as a repository for holding old records, for restoration and preservation of old/damaged paper records, and for their conversion into more durable forms.
  5. To devise capabilities and systems for keeping defence land free from encroachments and unauthorized constructions.
  6. To conduct regular land audit inter alia to optimize utilization of defence land.
  7. To provide a clean, transparent, accountable, efficient and responsive administration in every office of the Defence Estates Organisation.
  8. To maximize the level of satisfaction of stakeholders and of the public that comes in contact with the Defence Estates Organisation.
  9. To create a corps of professional and ethical manpower capable of realizing the Vision of the Defence Estates Organisation.