Rashtrapati Nilayam, Secundarabad Cantonment

Rashtrapati Nilayam  (literally the "President's House") originally known as Residency House is the official retreat of the President of India. It is located in Bollarum Cantonment Area, now part of Secunderabad Cantonment.

Residency House, was constructed in 1860 as the country house of the British Resident. After the Hyderabad state's annexation in 1948, became President's retreat and used as Southern Sojourn

It has a Dining Hall, Darbar Hall, Morning room, Cinema Hall etc. The President stays at the residence at least once a year and conducts official business. It was also used as a guest house for visiting dignitaries.

The Rashtarpati Nilayam maintained by CPWS and Cantonment Board, Secunderabad during the visit of the President.