कार्यालय भवन:

बोर्ड का गठन:

Ahmednagar is a category II Cantonment. The Board consists of 14 members, including 7 elected members. The Cantonment Board was established in 1890 and the total population as per 2001 was 39941.



सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Phone. No. 461004-6390(O),

मुख्य अधिशासी अधिकारी

Shri Vidyadhar Pawar

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Phone No. (0241) - 2326008(O)

स्कूलों की जानकारी:

Cantt is having 5 primary school – 3 Marathi, 1 Urdu & 1 Hindi medium.

The cantt. has taken following steps to improve the education services to the citizens :-
1) Started 3 classes of English Medium School.
2) Started Semi English Medium.
3) Started high school VIIIth  & IXth classes on non-grant basis from this academic year.
4) Scout & NCC has started from this academic year.
5) To encourage the children started extra curricular activities in the school e.g. sports competition, drawing classes, etc.
6) Computer Lab & Science Lab also started giving with 10 computers. Opened school library for school children

  • A total of  994 students were enrolled  in year 2010-11 out of  which 488 are girls.
  • Total no. of  teachers are 45.
  • Scholarship are providing through State Govt. & other local organization.
Major Initialives:
  • Inter school sports compitition.
  • Started Secondary school on non-grant basis.
  • Started L.Kg. U.Kg. 
  • Distributed Note books & uniforms.
  • Distributed Text books through State Govt.
  • Rs. 5000/- advance granted for upkeeping of school.
  • Awarded cash prize to the Scholorship Students.
  • Distributed Sweaters to the poor children.
  • Survey has been made for destitue children - provided them free education & transportation. 



Smt. Gathe

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Head Mistress of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Cantt. Primary School. Mob. No. 9096110100

अस्पताल/औषधालय की जानकारी

The Cantt. Gen. Hospital started in old building from 3rd April, 1930 giving only dispensary services. It was renovated in 1964 to give Indoor facilities and expanded the infrastructure time to time as per  the requirement. At present Hospital is having capacity of 36 beds including 4 spl. Rooms, male, female and maternity ward. The Hospital is having sufficient manpower to run the hospital smoothly.

Name of Hospital: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Cantt. Gen. Hospital

No. of beds: 36
No. of Indoor patients treated during 2010-11: 2681
No. of outdoor patients treated during 2010-11: 53828

Camps/Health-services organized during 2010-11

1) Blood donation camp 2) Senior citizen’s, eye check-up camp, ENT check-up Camp, 3) Investigation for senior citizen including Hb%

Additional/Special Facilities available in the Hospital:

  • General Medical treatment
  • Gynecological, obstetric management
  • Lab investigations
  • X-ray facility
  • Ambulance facility
  • Children immunization
  • ICTC- HIV Testing & Counseling Center
  • Family planning advice – distribution of OC pills, condoms
  • Janani Suraksha Scheme(applied for it)
  • Diabetes, Hypertension – awareness, diagnosis and treatment
  • National Pulse Polio programme.

Major initialives:

  • RNTCP - DOTS Center
  • Senior citizens health check up programme
  • School health check up programme
  • Kishori Clinic – for adolescent girls
  • ENT, ophthalmic, minor surgeries
  • Leprosy - Surveillance and management
  • Vit-A & Albendazole Program.


चिकित्सा अधीक्षक/आरएमओ

Dr. S. R. Jaiswal

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. No. 0241-240137(Hospital), 9096100113