कार्यालय भवन:

बोर्ड का गठन:

Khas Yol is a category II Cantonment, established in 1942. The present status of the Board is varied. The Total Population as per 2011 census was 12028.


Brig. V S Kattarya

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mo. No. 7807271711

मुख्य अधिशासी अधिकारी

Shri Ajay Kumar Sehgal

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. No. 01892-236014 (O) 01892-235850 (R)

स्कूलों की जानकारी:

  1. Cantonment Board Primary School Yol Bazar 
  2. Cantonment Board Primary School, Banorru
  3. Cantonment Board Primary School, Slate Godown 
  4. Cantonment Board Main Primary School 
  5. Cantonment Board High School 
  • A total of 603 students were enrolled  in year 2016 17 .
  • Total no. of teachers are 17




Shri. Suresh

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. No. 01892-236794 (O) 01892-236398 (R) Mob. No. 09418654259

अस्पताल/औषधालय की जानकारी

During 1942-43 erstwhile Coolie Camp Hospital was handed over to the Cantonment Board and it was re-designated as Cantonment Board General Hospital.  It is non-dieted 20 bedded Hospital and is maintained by the Cantonment Board for the civil population residing in the Cantt area. The Board has spent approx 27.60 lacs on Hospital Establishment in the year 2015-16. O.P.D. charges are @ Rs. 1/-.

Name of Hospital: Cantonment Board General Hospital Yol Cantt

No. of beds: 20
No. of Indoor patients treated during 2015-16: 39
No. of outdoor patients treated during 2015-16: 6131


Facilities Include :  General OPD

20 Bedded -Indoor Patients

Gynecologist (on contract)

Labs and X-ray

Free Medical Camps organized




चिकित्सा अधीक्षक/आरएमओ

Dr. Jagdish Singh

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mo. No. 01892-236810 (R) 09816116825