(1996) 7 Supreme Court Cases 331 UOI Vs. Dulal Chandra Ghosh and Ors

Requisition and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act/Rules, 1952-Section 8(3)-Rule 9-Land Acquisition Amendment Act 68 of 1984-Award of solatium and interest under jurisdiction of Tribunal-Appointment of Tribunal sought by respondents-Held : Tribunal has no jurisdiction-Yet in the facts of the case respondent entitled to solatium and interest,

Certain disputed land was notified for acquisition and the award was passed by the collector. Respondent did not accept the award of the Collector and refused to execute any agreement in terms of Form J and sought for appointment of an Arbitrator. The Arbitrator granted solatium and interest on the principal amount under the Land Acquisition Amendment Act 68 of 1984. The appellant contended that the Tribunal has no power and jurisdiction to award solatium and interest.

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