कार्यालय भवन:

बोर्ड का गठन:

Danapur is a category II Cantonment, established in 1765.  The Board consists of 14 members including 7 elected members. Total population as per 2001 census was 28149.


Brig Veerendra Nangia

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. No. 06115-276200, Mob. 08294627800

मुख्य अधिशासी अधिकारी

Ms Lalrinpuii Hrahsel

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph No: 06115 225965(O), Mob:+919431018318


Shri Ranjeet Kumar

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mob: +9473459374

अस्पताल/औषधालय की जानकारी

Name of Dispensary :  Cantt. Board Dispensary,Danapur

No. of beds: Nil
No. of Indoor patients treated during 2010-11: Nil
No. of outdoor patients treated during 2010-11: 2533

Camps/Health-services organized during 2010-11 : 3 Nos.

Additional/Special Facilities available in the Hospital:

  • Child Specialists
  • Gynecologist
  • Homeo physisian

Major initialives:

  • Women health checkup, staff health checkeup and S. citizen health checkup organized during the year 2010-11.