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The Ahmedabad Cantonment is situated between Ahmedabad city & Gandhinagar the capital of Gujarat State. It serves as a military base and residential establishment. It was established in 1833. The Cantonment maintains its own infrastructure of water supply, roads, building & sewerate system in Cantonment area. As per provisional figure of 2011 census the population of Ahmedabad Cantonment is 14,900 approx. This is a class II category Cantonment and has a self sufficient Board.


Brig. A K Singh, SM

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. 079-22856251

मुख्य अधिशासी अधिकारी

Shri Dhiraj Rajendra Sonaje

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. 079-22867251


Shri Ayubkhan S Pathan

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mob. 9978000046

स्कूलों की जानकारी:

GGI cantt School :
    1.   Primary section (Gujarati Medium)
    2.   High School section (Gujarati Medium)
    3.   English Medium  (Up to Std 2)
  • A total of 551 students were enrolled  in year 2010-11 out of  which  231 are girls.
  • Total no. of teachers are 19.
  • Scholarship is sponsered by State Govt. for students of SC/ST category.
Major Initialives:
(1).  SMC's approved. Rs. 5000/- as imprest given  to H.M
(2).  Free uniforms, school bag, books have been provided free of cost by the Cantonment Board.
(3).  The SMC has instituted awards in form of cash or gift up to Rs. 2000/- for girl students who obtain Ist, IInd and IIIrd rank in all standards in order to encourage girl child.
(4).  An award for better attendance has also be approved for the girl students, whose attendance exceed 90%.
(5).   Established of the computer lab.



Hasumatiben Parmar

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mob. 9427454937

अस्पताल/औषधालय की जानकारी

Cantonment Act 2006 obligates Cantonment Board to provide basic health services to all the citizens residing within the Cantonment. For this purpose Cantonment Board has established a Cantonment Health Center which is functioning for more than 90 years to cater to the health needs of residents of the Cantonment, employees of the Cantonment Board and nearby areas of the Cantonment where no medical facility of comparison exists. The Health Center is located on Airport Road, near Sadar Bazar, Ahmedabad Cantt.

Name of Dispensary : Cantt Board Dispensary
No. of beds: Nil
No. of Indoor patients treated during 2010-11: Nil
No. of outdoor patients treated during 2010-11: 21426

Camps/Health-services organized during 2010-11 : 6 Nos.

  • Eye chackup camp - 2 Nos.
  • HIV awareness programme
  • Deaddiction camp
  • Homeopathic camp
  • Senior citizen health checkup camp

Additional/Special Facilities available in the Hospital:

  • Specialist Services of Dispensary ENT
  • Gynechologist
  • Paediatrician
  • Laboratory and ECG

Major initialives:

  • Senior citizen health scheme. Board has appointed three honorary doctors(ENT, Gynechologist, Paediatrician)


चिकित्सा अधीक्षक/आरएमओ

Dr. Sanjay Babulal Parekh

सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Mob. 09426286028

अतिथि गृह

अतिथि गृह का विवरण

Name of Guest House: Cantt Board Guest House


Cantt Board Office, 
Nr. Camp Hanuman 

Contact Person:


Jayesh H. Patel ( AAE )
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