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Morar is a Category II Cantonment, established in the year 1956. Cantonment Board Morar has total 14 members including 7 elected members. Population according to 2011 census is 48464.


Brig. Sandeep Verma

मुख्य अधिशासी अधिकारी

Shri Neeraj Jain

सम्पर्क सूत्र:



Shri Sunny Kumar Bohre

सम्पर्क सूत्र:


अस्पताल/औषधालय की जानकारी

Cantonment General Hospital Morar

No. of beds: 02

OPD 2018-19:15190

Apart from regular RMO (presently vacant) and Paramedical staff including Path lab, One Gynaecologist & One Paediatrician and a Dentist have been engaged through a contractor. OPD is being provided from 8 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 6 PM.

OPD Timings of Specialist Doctors:

Name of Dr. Visiting Days OPD Time Remarks
Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Gynaecologist All working days 09am to 11am & 05pm to 06 pm  
Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Paediatrician All working days 09am to 11am & 05pm to 06 pm  
Dr. Toufiq Hussain, Dentist All working days 9am-1pm  


सम्पर्क सूत्र:

Ph. 0751-2368441