Land Audit

MoD has large tracts of land for use by Services and othe related organisations. Land has also become a scare resource in view of competing demand from other sections of society. It is, therfore, imperative that the use of existing land holdings is optimised. Land audit was, therefore, introduced in 1992 to determine existing land use vis-a-vis land holdings and specific requirements.

Now it has been decided by MoD that conduct of land audit would be resumed and a Land Audit Cell would be set up in DGDE. The same will first be conducted in Southern Command in 2011-12. DGDE has issued orders for conducting land audit in Chennai, Mumbai,Pune and Jodhpur Circles by a team consisting of Sh Harsih Prasad, Director, NIDEM; Sh K. C. Gupta, Joint Director, SWC and Dr. S. H. Khan, Joint Director, NIDEM.