• Cantonment Board Amritsar was established in 1856. It is a class II Cantonment with present population around 12000. There are 3400 households (Civil as well as Army).
  • A Digital Door Numbering Project was pitched by CB Amritsar & approved in 2020-21 (O) Budget, by GOC-in-C, WC.
  • The Project named MINGRAM, stands for Monitoring & Integrated Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
  • It is an in-house, IT comprehensive tool, developed by CB Amritsar, to take forward the flagship GOI scheme of Digital India, to the residents of Amritsar Cantt.
  • The focus is on Public Service Delivery System, better transparency and accountability of the Cantt Board. The project is based on QR Coding of all households.
  • The project has:-
    • Digital Door Number plates, installed on each house, with unique property ID & a QR code.
    • A mobile based application
    • A web based dashboard to provide real time monitoring of services like garbage collection, revenue collection, grievance redressal as well as information about each unit’s revenue details.

The Project covers all 3400 households and shall lead to faster, better & transparent public services to the residents as well as an effective monitoring, IT tool for the Board.

Address by Smt Deepa Bajwa, the then DGDE, Opening Remarks by Shri K J S Chauhan, PDDE, WC regarding e-Inauguration of MINGRAM project, e-Inauguratipon of MINGRAM project of Amritsar Cantt Board