Project for Survey, Demarcation and Verification of Defence Lands

One of the mandatory and improtant aspect of the mnagement of land is the demarcation of the lands clearly earmarking boundaries and maintenance of boundary pillars. Over the years, since its acquisition or possession of lands, rarely survey or verification has been carried out. In order to revitalize the survey demarcation work, a project proposal at a cost of Rs. 15.52 cr. over 3 years has been approved by the Ministry on 22-02-2011.

Proposal Includes:

i) Survey Equipment, Total Stations- 42 Nos. (Rs. 4.20 cr.)
ii) Logistics support, i.e. hired transport          (Rs. 4.57 cr.)
iii) Expenditure building and training               (Rs. 4.86 cr.)
iv) Capacity building and training                      (Rs. 0.42 cr.)
v)  Erection of missing boundary pillars            (Rs. 0.50 cr.)
vi) Expenditure on maintenance of equipment (Rs. 1.00 cr.)

Expected Outcome:

a) Details of the total Defence lands would be re-verified and authenticated on ground.
b) Information on the disputed lands and encroachments will be compiled.
c) Computerised database will be created for future use.
d) Construction of boundary pillars wherever necessary.
e) Much needed capacity building will be accomplished.