Project for Digitization, Indexing, Microfilming, Protection and Preservation of Land Records

The management of Defence land necessarily warrants proper maintenance of the land records. These are Government titles on land; acquisition proceedings, General Land Register, Military Land Register; revenue plans, old-grants, lease documents, etc. having 'Primary and Secondary' value of evidence. A project proposal has been approved by the Ministry of Defence at a cost of Rs. 21.25 cr. on 22-02-2011, over 3 years.

Objectives :

  • Use electronic medium for creating digital surrogates from the existing source.
  • To conserve the rare, vital and critical documents by preservation techniques and improve the storing facilities.
  • To create a central facility of an archive as a facility for preservation and backup for all user organizations.

The activities that will be undertaken are:

  • Scanning, Digitization and Indexing and Microfilming of all the records of DEO offices and Cantonment Boards.
  • Strengthening and preservation of records.
  • Providing infrastructure support in the field offices.

Expected Outcome:

  • Digitization of land records will create a wholesome database.
  • The implantation of the project would yield efficient land administration and management of assets.
  • Protection of vital Government's interest on its Estates.